I, on behalf of ZhongDie spring manufacturing co., LTD., to care, guidance, help and support over the years our colleagues at all levels of government leadership, financial, business friends say thank you deeply.

My company under the support of social from all walks of life, ZhongDie spring health development, bigger, my company's main products are cylindrical helical spring, shock absorption spring, railway locomotive spring, spring city rail steam-water, disc spring, spring, and various special-shaped springs.Company is China's spring industry backbone enterprises, the ministry of railways locomotive spring fixed-point production enterprise, high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province.
At the time of our business, in every time we meet with difficulties and obstacles, when we are most in need of help, friends from all walks of life and we grow together, to does not abandon.For a long time, you have been with a sincere heart and warm hand escort for the company.The ancients said, who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui, dripping of grace, when animals are reported.ZhongDie spring manufacturing co., LTD. And I will never forget the country and people, will never forget you.
Today, we will be solidarity, cooperation, determination to promote the cause of the ZhongDie more wide sphere and a new level, realize "ZhongDie spring, the century of" ideal.To this, I have confidence, ZhongDie spring management team have confidence.